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Tampermonkey / Grasemonkey userscripts (Fenki js helpers)

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Userscripts for use in conjunction as browser extention with one of the following browser extension or by hand:

// After you've installed it, come back to this page.
// A dialog box will appear asking you if you want 
// to install this script. Alternatively, install 
// usercript manually by copy this code and Create new one.
// To uninstall, go to 
// Tools->Greasemonkey->Manage User Scripts, 
// select "Script name" from the list on the left, 
// and click Uninstall.


Replaces jquery from Yandex/Google CDN with your local. Install userscript here.


Strip out google/yandex track result.


Removes Facebook ads section periodically. Install userscript here.


Removes ads section periodically. Install userscript here.


Shows button to call inline opened window with table of exact places from where each file has been bought at shutterstock contributor side. Install userscript here.


Shows button to download video from YouTube. Due to Google limitations it restrics popular extentions from downloading video from YouTube by 3rd party plugins. The idea of Userscripts allows you to install any executable script by yourself to make it. Install userscript here.


Forward promotional ads videos now YouTube started to use on most videos. Install userscript here.


Remove adds in Install userscript here.

Remove adds in page (and other counterparts). Install userscript here.